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My car all of a sudden started having problems with the clutch pedal. I would just release it a little bit and its on the verge to stalling. When I got the car i'd have to release the clutch about half way for it to even start to stall. Also my shifter knob is super loose. If I have it in gear I can still move the knob side to side a lot. Another problem with my shifter is all of a sudden it is hard to stick it in a gear. I have to force it in sometimes now.

I drive a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier 4 cylider 2 door and it is manual

posted by  BooFA1010

Sounds like worn bushes on a control shaft for the gear stick slack. The clutch travel needs adjusting or new plate if excessively worn (plus machining flywheel and pressure plate probably).

posted by  Wally

i put more clutch fluid in and it seemed to work. now i think i have a leak somewhere :(

posted by  BooFA1010

Ouch. That is not cool. Probably leaking from the slave cylender right into your bell housing and onto your clutch.

posted by  srober32

do u know how much something like that would cost to fix

posted by  BooFA1010

Fairly cheap for the part. most are fairly easy to replace depending on accessibility (place where it is positioned in the car)

posted by  staceymommy

I think the slave costs around 45 - 50 bucks and may be external on the trans. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

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