91 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency Elite Crankshaft sensor problems

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Hi there If someone would be so kind to give me some feedback I would really appreciate it!
I have a 1991 Ninety Eight Regency Elite 3.8 engine That has been driving me rather than me driving it! :banghead:
Problem is: I Thought(yup that was my first issue! :laughing: ) it was overheating and was very sensitive (which I realize it is) What was happening is, it would start cold but when it was hot it would shut off while driving or when I turned off the car and then I would have to wait till the car was cooled off to drive again.

So I change the Thermostat and flushed out the engine. Next checked to see if the Spark plugs were gap correctly(they were fine just thought I would check) Thirdly I noticed that the fans werent kicking in Changed the motors on both the connectors were in good condition. Fourth, I changed the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. Not it and realized that there are in fact 2 sensors that were related( Jury is still out on that one still not sure). After that I was told that it could be the Water Pump so my friend and I took it out and it Wasnt it, water pump was in very good condition. So then a Older guy who is a mechanic said it was the Crankshaft Position sensor. My friend and I together tried to take the vibration Dampener off and change it But it proved to be harder than the Haynes book said it would be.

What I would like to know is How do you remove this Sensor and what is the process to putting it back on? Are there any special tools that we need Because we asked the parts store and they said no as well. If anyone can help I would truly appreciate it as this car is the only transportation my children and I have.

My friend ruined the Sensor and possibly more?? I dont know? HELP!

posted by  Rezbomb

Did you remove the bolt in the center of the dampener? Did you use a dampener puller or just pry on it with some big screwdrivers?

posted by  srober32

I have a 1992 Olds Cutlass Ciera An my crank senor is acting up to. As for removing it It is a fun job as I have found a Standard harmonic balancer puller wont remove it An the tool GM sells runs around 200 dolalrs As for the senor you need a tool to postion the thing when you put the senor in place. An that is costly to. I dont know if this applys to your car or not tho.


posted by  DarkMan

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