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Hi guys

I have Mitsubishi Eclipse 1992 Automatic transmission.
From last 5-6 days ,its giving problem
one day it stopped,Even on full accelator ,it was not moving forward.

Then i showed that to repair shop ,he filled some Transmission fluid and it is running great.

But i noticed ,its transmission fluid is leaking ,i showed to Aamco transmission .
they are asking 500$ for it,they told me something transmission Reseal.

I dont know much about cars.
i want to know is it really that much costly, i bought this car in 1500$ .

Is it worth to repair.there are some other repairs also ,total cost will be around 700-800.

Milage is 125K ,car is running great currently,but Do u think that I should spend 800 bucks on this car.

Please advice me .


posted by  viks

Well, what do you mean transmission reseal? Did they say it needs to be rebuilt? OR did they just want to replace the filter and pan gasket? I'm guessing it probably needs to be rebuilt now because it was out (or low on) fluid. Can you tell where the transmission is leaking? What other repairs are neccesary if it really is running great? :2cents:

posted by  Pinstriper38

Thanks for ur reply.

No it does not need rebuild.

They said they need to open whole transmission and reseal pan gasket.
There r some small repairs also ,like tie rod change, break repair.

I dont know ,if its worth to spend 700 $ on this,really very confused.

But one thing is sure,its running good,one local machanic put transmission fluid in it ,as it was low.

Now its running smoothly,but he only told me to repair Leakage (which cost 450$)

Please reply



posted by  viks

Holy crap! $450 for a pan gasket? They must be going to do some other stuff while in there. Otherwise, report them to the cops cause they are ripping you off. I don't know about prices wher you live but I am thinking that you could buy a pan gasket set for under $50 and do it yourself.

posted by  srober32

Yes but you got to remember the hour cost for them to work on it. Thats if its $450 in total with them installing it and everything but even then i think its too much. Oh sorry, didnt see you could buy for like $50 then do it yourself. Never mind me.

posted by  car_crazy89

I don't which state your from. But at my dads shop here in Wa state we would charge about $150 to $250 dollars for that filter, gasket, tie rod end, and brakes. And that's including parts, and fluids.

posted by  staceymommy

Actually ,its transmission is leaking badly.

So it need to open and Re-seal its transmission.

Do you think 450$ is too much for that,As i tried so many shops and this one is cheapest.
I am in indianapolis,Indiana.


posted by  viks

I wouldn't pay that for it. To replace the gasket yourself would be much cheaper. We normally charge that for a used tranny replacement. It normally takes less than an hour of shop time and isn't a hard fix. Normally you'll pay more for the tranny fluid than the gasket. It basically self explanitory to crawl under and see the pan. Remove bolts, clean off old gasket, makes sure both surfaces are clean, put new gasket on, replace pan tighten bolts. It is a good idea to replace the filter while in there. Very rarely you can get away with just tightening the bolts and see if it is seeping afterwards. Occassionally if you drive over alot of bumps the bolts will come loose.

posted by  staceymommy

Im just throwing this out there but there are other seals in the transmission, what if it is leaking elsewhere and it really does need to be resealed? Or did they just say that the tranny needed a new pan gasket? I'd imagine its pretty worn with 125k on it. I dont know if it would be worth it, but i think there is that Stop Leak stuff for transmissions. (those work well temporarily but usually arent a permanent fix)

posted by  Pinstriper38

A car with 125k miles on it that is a tough call to make. As for the leak If its a pan gasket that shouldnt run 450 dollars If it is another seal in the transmission then it could I doubt tho I would get trans medic it stops seal leaks in transmissions pretty well it isnt a perm fix but it helps If the car is worth it to you then go to a few shops shop around ( no puns) that is my :2cents: on it at least

posted by  DarkMan

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