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Hi Fellow astra owners past or present.

I have a 1996 GSI Astra (thats the sports model, 2lt motor, ABS, etc)

The short seat belt stalk (the female component) fails to securely grab and hold the male component unless it is pushed in very firmly. If you don't push it in firmly it appears to hold but pops out later. This is a very unsafe situation and its okay for me as I'm used to what I have to do but I want a fix for the safety of anyone else that uses my car from time to time.

Before I spend gobs of cash (they're not cheap) replacing it I was interested to see if this was a design fault that a replacement part wouldn't necessarily fix-any comments, similair experiences?


posted by  Mondy

go to a wreckers, should get one cheap. I replaced one (on a 1981 car though) for A$10 from the wreckers.

posted by  windsonian

Or you could try cleaning the latch and then lubing it up with some powder graphite. Which ever works best for you.

posted by  srober32

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