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I was driving on the highway the other day when I started to lose power. I pulled to safety while the engine was letting a lot of smoke out.

The mechanics claimed that a hole had appeared in the block and then the engine suddenly lost all of its oil. Now the engine is busted.

At the time of the incident, I had been driving on the highway for about five minutes in fourth gear at 70 mph. I didn't notice any sound that would indicate that I was in the wrong gear (I wasn't paying attention to the RPM though). Is it possible that this caused the breakdown?


posted by  Dragomir

Could happen, sounds like a thrown rod. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

Is it a five or four speed transmission? If its a five speed driving it in fourth shouldn't have done it. The fifth gear basically is a gas saver gear. It definitely sounds like a thrown rod but it should have been making a knocking sound in the engine even if it was only a slight one especially if it was ever ran low on oil.

posted by  staceymommy

Yes, there was a broken rod and two holes in the engine. I got the car back from the shop today with a new engine. I then drove it again on purpose on the freeway (at 70 mph in fourth gear) and the RPM only went up to 4000.

(the car is a 96 Honda Civic and has five gears).

posted by  Dragomir

how many miles did the old engine have?

posted by  dodger65

65000 miles (the car is a 1996 model and still has its original engine).

posted by  Dragomir

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