Adding FERON to 1994 GEO Tracker 'HOW TO'

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Can anyone tell me how to add feron to my geo tracker?

posted by  lenojohnson

i don't know about feron, but if you want to add freon to it, buy a can w/ the little hose attached at the parts store and follow the directions. then let us know if you have any questions...

posted by  dodger65

I purchased a can of feron and read the instruction, lol....But I knew to do that in the first place, lol....I was looking for an easy solution.

posted by  lenojohnson

If you were a chick, the guys at the store would do it for free :laughing:

posted by  97Talonchik

man i hate get suckered like that :doh:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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