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I have a 99 chrysler sebring with 37k miles and tonight i turned it on and the odometer and speedometer stopped working. also the check engine light came on. i have let the car sit for over a year but changed the oil and air filter and have been driving it fine for 2 months now but the cruise control has not worked since i have been back and like i said the other things are not working. i would imagine it would be electrical but im scared to take it to a dealer or mech because i dont know much about cars and am scared of getting ripped off. any ideas?


posted by  sethisroot

On most cars, the odometer and speedomoter are both hooked up to the tranny. First thing to do is check the cable or wire there for rodent chewing, or corrosion of any kind. But then again, it may be something in the computer since it is a newer car. First thing I'd check though would be that cable/wire ;)

posted by  Juhosaphat

Yup, sounds like a speed sensor thing. Since the sensor is hooked up to the ECM it would throw a code. I agree, check the wiring first, and then think about having to change the sensor.

posted by  srober32

chrysler has a fix for this which means you have to replace the instrament cluster its a common problem
ppauley/cobra freek

posted by  ppauley

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