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Well here is my problem. I am hoping this is the right place to post this question.

Sometime over the winter my car decided to hold on to every grain of salt that passes its way. Now there are hundreds of rust spots all over the car. I have been trying to keep it clean until i can afford to really fix it, but on my limited budget I don't think i will ever have enough funds to get it professionally fixed. So my question is, how can i take care of this mess myself. Below are some pics of my major trouble spots. On top of these i have, like i said, hundreds of rust spots all over the bottom half of the car. All i have been able to do now is take some coke and rub the car down with an abbrasive pad and then seal it up with some nail polish top coat.

Some info on the car: It is an 87' Caprice and i have had it for about two years now.


As you can see in the pics, the wheel wells have gigantic holes in them, and the bottom edges of the back panels are starting to rust away.

posted by  metalhead212

about all you could do is remove all the decaying part that you can, sand with sand paper and spray with paint. Most parts stores can match your cars paint but it won't be quite the same shade. It will buy you a little time.

posted by  staceymommy

is there any type of chemmical i could buy at the store that would help eat through the rust along with me sanding it down?

Thanks for the help!!

posted by  metalhead212

Well, you need to cut out the decayed parts, sand away the rest of the surface rust with a power sander and then buy new sheet metal and have it bent etc. to the dimensions you need, primer it and then get it repainted.

Or if you dont have that much money, sand out the rust with a power sander and buy some fiberglass and apply it yourself. Then put bondo over the fiberglass, sand that down with a power sander, primer it and wait until you have the funds to get it painted.

posted by  FordFromHell351

I agree with Forfromhell, if you cant afford to do it the right way at first then do what you can to prevent it from getting worse, make sure theres no bare metal showing, atleast have the primer on it. That rust is nothing compared to my dads truck, remember dont keep plywood in the box for a year or so, water gets trapped underneath and makes its own way out. :doh:

posted by  car_crazy89

Looks kinda like my S10, but I bet the back of your car is not loose! :mrgreen: :ticking:

posted by  srober32

you've got a loose rear end? :hi:

really, dude. if it an 87 Caprice, you oughta be able to find a whole front end & front fenderwells dirt cheap! just check the junkyards in your area. or ebay. then get it painted later. except for the quarter panels, all that stuff is bolt-on.

posted by  dodger65

Well, my uncle owns a heavy truck and trailor shop up north. I have asked him if i can come up and do my repairs there with my dad and he says it's cool. I will post picks as i progress. This might even progress into a total overhall, so long as i still have access to the tools and what not.

Also, Thanks everyone for your help. GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

posted by  metalhead212

remember the junk yard is your friend. find what you can out of there. and if the yards around you are like the ones in nc then you can go there with a power grinder and cut what you need off the other parts. floor pans and rear quarter panels and what not. and if not then you can shape some sheet metal to what you want. all you need is a shape to mock, a hammer, and a place to hammer thats not too rough. it takes time and effort but it will be worth it when you weld it all on and prime it. the get a good paint job and buya-shaka its better than new.

posted by  frizzal

damn that is gunna be a cool site to see when your battery hits the highway at 120, your car is very common i would go out and get fenders off another car. you should get a new battery too, that one just looks cheap and crappy :wink2:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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