1988 plymouth voyager 3.0 liter vacuum leaks

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Hi all I am new to this and was hoping that someone might have a vacuum hose diagram for a 1988 voyager 3.0 liter automatic. I took the old engine out a couple of months ago and finally got a chance to put the new one in. Unfortunately I can't remember where all the vacuum lines go and its sucking air somewhere. I also have to figure out a smoking problem with it. The new engine is used but I used the engine before and it didn't smoke then. I rebuilt the motor before putting it in and had the head machined. Double checked the torque. Put all new gaskets everywhere. I'm a bit stumped on this one.

posted by  staceymommy

The smoke may be from the pcv system not being hooked up. As for the vacuum hoses, look in you dad's shop for the diagram and then figure it out from there. That sucks but I have had to do that myself a couple of times.

posted by  srober32

I have looked in my chilton's for the diagram and also under the hood but there is still a hose going off into lala land. I had to replace the MAP sensor today but it's still leaking somewhere. It idles good for the first few minutes and then cuts out. I took the extra hose and plugged it but she wouldn't even start after that. So I got one hose left coming off the back side of the throttle body. As for the smoke my brother didn't tell me that he spilled a drain pan of oil all over it before I put it in. My best guess on that one is that some must have gotten in the cylinders. I got it running good enough to drive it the 15 miles home by keeping foot on the gas and it doesn't smoke.

posted by  staceymommy

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