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1989 Buick Regal 2.8 V6

It has power windows, and on the edge of the glass there is a black piece of plastic that goes up the length of the window, and is pretty much glued to it, and slides along keeping the window in place as it goes up or down....

Now am i insane or is this called a WINDOW TRACK? Or is there another name for it? None of the idiots at the freaking auto parts stores seem to know anything about cars what so ever. So I want to know if there is another name for it so I can actually manage to purchase one! My track broke and its rather horrible to have ot keep a window up in 90 degree florida heat.

Thanks in advance. :banghead: :cussing: :evil: :ticking:

posted by  thanku4lovinme

Where in Florida do you live?, is it the seal or is it a solid plastic or metal looking case?

posted by  99integra

That is not the window track, I think it is call the runner or something like that. Now the other thing, I think you would be better off replacing the window than trying to remove the plastic piece and possibly breaking the glass.

posted by  srober32

it is a plastic piece that is like glued to the outside edge of the window. it probably wont be hard to get off because it is already broken and coming away from the window. so the replacement part would be a window runner? how would you put a new one on? Maybe i could go to our local junkyard and get a whole new window.. i dont know how much they charge though, id have to call tomorrow. hmmm :screwy:

posted by  thanku4lovinme

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