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my 1997 taurus has a problem, the power windows and radio do not work unless the car is in park, also the power steering works hard when the car is in gear. Any suggestions??

posted by  docmarymary

The radio and window problem may be a bad ground. The power steering is designed as an assist to your muscle power and is not intended to be used while the car is sitting still (a fact that my wife does not understand). Check the fluid level in the resevoir and does it make any noise?

posted by  srober32

do a search on this forum. i recall seeing something very similar if not your exact problem...

posted by  dodger65

try this...

http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=4570&highlight=taurus+steer ing

posted by  dodger65

i know exactly what the problem is with this one becsues i have fixed tons of them. this may sound strange but its the correct fix ( i am a ford certified tech)
change the transmission range sellector switch commonly known as a neutral safety switch, ford calls it a MLP sensor which stands for manual lever possion sensor
ppauley/cobra freek

posted by  ppauley

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