Why does fuel pump not always turn on?

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For the last six years my car has experienced an intermittent crank/no start problem, usually when the engine is warm. It took me a while but I have realized that the fuel pump does not always turn on when the engine is warm.

For example, I turn the key to on. Normally there is a clicking sound, then a hum from the fuel pump. The car always turns on when those two things happen. But the car never turns on when I don't hear a click or the fuel pump hum.

I had my fuel pump replaced (preventative) a few years ago. Problem happened with the old pump as well. I had my fuel pump relay replaced a few months ago as well. Problem went away for a while but is back now.

Any ideas? Something electrical to the fuel pump? Thanks.

1994 Ford Escort 1.9 Automatic LX Wagon
223,000 miles

posted by  nickrand

Have you changed you fuel filter lately? Just a thought....

posted by  97Talonchik

Yep, fuel filter was changed recently.

posted by  nickrand

is it possibly a problem in the fuse block? I know with my car, the slot for the fuel pump does not work, and I have a jumper in my fuse box, from one side of the fuel pump fuse to(I believe) my power windows(something that only comes on when ignition is on/something i dont even have in my car). I'll see if I can get a picture of it for you...

Edit: Have pic, I apologize for the quality, my parents good digi cam has no batteries, so I had to use my craptacular one. I labeled the image so you at least get an idea of what it is...


posted by  dodgerforlife

Check the condition of the wires and connectors, and the condition of the tank to ground connection as well.

posted by  srober32

Sorry for the dumb question, but here goes. When I turn my key to "on" there's a clicking sound, then the fuel pump turns on. Sometimes there is more than one click but the pump will still fire. Other times there are no clicks. It won't turn on when that happens, so the car doesn't start.

Does this still sound like an electrical connection problem to/from the fuel pump or does the clicking sound have something to do with the ignition?

posted by  nickrand

Well one thing is that the pump prim when you first turn the key on is controlled by the computer. Its either the computer thanks it has fuel pressure and it don't or the connector on your computer that has that wire on it could be lose.. Try makeing sure there in good and tight.

posted by  wildman2008

check the ECM relay if it don't kick on then the fuel pump relay won't kick on either, the ECM has to fire up in order to make the fulel pump relay come on for the 2 second prime circut to work. seen alot of intermitten ECM relays cause the problem.
but also listen and see if you have one or two clicks when it don't start if there is one click change the fuel pump relay and if none change the ECM relay
ppauley/cobra freek

posted by  ppauley

Is the ECM relay the same as the EEC relay?

posted by  nickrand

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