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:banghead: I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana Ext. the milage is 200 000 km
I went to my mechanic to have a new water pump put in and asked him to run an ecm scan. He did and it came back with B0058, P1811 transmission long shift, P1546 A/C clutch relay control circut. now I know my a/c dont work but what does this mean. they said that to further look into it could get expensive. Aswell the tranny. When i drive sometimes it seems that it is shifting hard and it hums when i excellerate. We topped up the fluids and it is in today for a fluid and filtre change. i asked about this code thinking that i may need a new tranny and he said that it just needs to be cleaned. If you could please help me with some ideas as to what these codes really mean....when i ask my mechanic it just seems as if everything but my question was answered.

Thank you

posted by  kaus

The long shift may just mean a sticking valve in the valve body, which new fluid could fix.

posted by  srober32

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