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I recently got a 95 Neon, and it has some problems with the gauges. The battery light is always on, but the car still works fine after a week of using it. When I first got the car the speedometer dropped down to 0 a few times, but sometimes it would go back up to the speed I was driving. Now it very rarely works, but it still does occasionally. The other gauges (temperature, fuel, and RPMs) also drop all the way down quite often, but they usually start working again after a little more driving.

Yesterday evening I had another problem that might be related. I started it up and the battery light was off, but one of the turn signal lights was on (no blinking). I don't remember if the speedometer worked, but the other gauges did. After a few minutes of driving the turn signal light turned off, the battery light came on, and all the gauges dropped all the way down.

I have checked the fuses, and they all work. Could this be caused by a loose wire? If so, where would the wire be most likely to be?

posted by  roger6106

My girlfirends moms 96 neon does pretty much the same thing, the speedometre works once a week maybe, and her car has had 135,000km for about 2 years. I told her not to fix it until she is gonna sell it so that the resale value is better :thumbs: . but her battery light is not on and the indicator lights have not acted up. i cant find anything wrong.

posted by  jarvisx2000

Another thing, the battery/alternator light was on in my honda accord for about a week and a half before the alternator totally gave out.

posted by  jarvisx2000

An update: now the gauges aren't working at all. Usually when the fuel gauge went down the fuel light came on. I guess the wire leading to the fuse has a bad connection somewhere. I want a working speedometer and fuel gauge, so I guess I'll have to tear apart the dashboard.

posted by  roger6106

Damn, this must be a problem with all the Neons. My mom had one and only some of the time would the gauges work, and when they did they would constantly drop down to zero and then go back up every couple of minutes. It also had this huge oil leak :mrgreen: Damn Mitsubishi engines.

Its just some wiring problems.

posted by  FordFromHell351

My advice, if you have another car as back up: Get rid of the car lol

Could be anything from a loose wire, to a bare wire, to a computer problem. A shit load of work to figure it out most likely, and probably not worth it in the long run.

posted by  Juhosaphat

" :mrgreen: Damn Mitsubishi engines."

Tell me about it :banghead:

posted by  97Talonchik

Odds are it is a loose connection on the back of the gage cluster. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

Just an idea: Check all your battery cables, make sure they're tight and clean. My dad's Buick had a similar problem with the gauges and it turned out to be a loose ground cable to the computer. At one time the gauges showed he went from zero to 110mph sitting in a parking lot :screwy:

posted by  Pinstriper38

judging by all the recalls, and tech service bulletins posted for this car i would fire bomb the the heap of metal, sounds like a loose connection at the back of the instrument cluster, get out the screwdrivers and pull it apart, and what kind of a loving son are you to tell your mom to not fix the car, thats a safety issue, speed....gas amount..... brake lights abs lights airbag lights check engine lights, now how is she gunna know something has failed on the car... jeesh get a brain man

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

As I said, loose connection in the dash. My Mom has one as well (Moms and their Neons :doh: ) and the dash stops working, I hit the dash and it starts working again. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

Have had the same problem with a 1996 Neon. Pulled the instrument cluster (easy with 2 connectors & 4 screws) and re-soldiered all of the points where the connectors meet the printed circuit board. This helped for about 3 months.
When the problem returned, I solidered wires directly to each connection on the printed circuit board and spliced them into the corresponding wire. All problems disappeared.
Then I got greedy and replaced the stock instrument cluster with one that had a tachometer. The problem returned after 6 months of use. :banghead:
One of my future projects is to re-wire the new instrument cluster.

posted by  FoxClover

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