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My 1996 Dodge Maxivan's battery goes dead, sometimes in a few days, sometimes in a week. I just installed a new battery. What is the procedure for checking for a drain on the battery? I undersatand you check for amp draw, but how? I have a multitester.

posted by  Moonraker

Most common problem for batteries dying is a loose terminal. Make sure both are tight on the battery before you waste time doing anything else.

I had the same problem in my car once, and it was a loose terminal, but when I took it off, it fell in three pieces...So yeah, definitely check the small stuff before you do anything lol

posted by  Juhosaphat

I checked out the drain as you fella's suggested and found a BIG draw on the fuse marked REAR WINDOW HEATER. I have no rear window heater... the window was replaced with one that opens when it was converted into a motorhome by "Home & Park" in Canada. They must have left the wire rattling around in the wall somewhere!

Thanks to all those who responded! Couldn't have done it without your help.


posted by  Moonraker

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