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What can be done exactly (and for how much money) to have a paintjob protected? And who should you entrust to perform the work?

I'm either going to get a '05 Camry or an Accord. I recently heard that the Camry's paint job scratches very easily; I highly doubt that the Accord's paint job is any more protected. I'm just wondering if it's worth my money to have anything done to protect a car's paintjob.


posted by  Jenk

A good, high quality wax applied at least twice a year is the most practical. However, if we are talking preserving the paint (and the whole car) forever... store it in a complete vacuum and never let it see any ultraviolet light or any time on the road. :laughing: :2cents:

posted by  srober32


You've a fun sense of humor. I'm must forego the vacuum-sealed, non-light-emitting garage. :laughing: The wax jobs, however, I think that I can manage. It would give me a good excuse to get more involved with my vehicle (much more so than I am with my current one); and my husband likes waxing his truck, so it could then become a group activity. :mrgreen:

posted by  Jenk

EIther a good wax, or a few coats of clear coat. Either or usually does a reasonably good job.

posted by  Juhosaphat

By "protect," I'm talking about preventing scratches, little knicks, etc.


posted by  Jenk

There's your solution then to completely protect it lol

posted by  Juhosaphat

They do make a bra for the car that protects the front of the car from rocks and stuff but I would think that it would rub on the car and cause abrasions and scratches itself. :banghead:

posted by  srober32

alot of vehicle manufacturers now like VW are putting the 3M tape on the front, HAS to be the good stuff cuz if it isnt then the tape is really noticeable , you can do the front hood bumper anything, fenders rocker panels hell you could probably doo the whole car in that stuff if you were that wierd, ive seen wierder stuff

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Banf, you and I have both seen some wierd stuff, huh? lol :screwy: :laughing:

posted by  srober32

my dealership has an agreement with some local company's that offer paint protection. the wax the car once a year and they claim you only need one a year, plus they have some sort of warranty where they will fix damaged paint, do to normal where and sometimes even repaint the car. i would check into it.


posted by  chris1017

just be careful about where you drive and park it...

posted by  dodger65

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