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I really have a problem, my 1988 Chevy caprice V8 305 5.0L it acting up…ok when it warms up and ive drove for a little bit and I slow down to a stop sign, it doesn’t downshift and when I stop it grinds really hard to a halt and stays in whatever gear it was in(2nd or 3rd). if i brake too fast and hard,it will die. then when I give it gas to start up and go again, it clanks along for a couple seconds and sounds like a "semi lugging it up a hill" because it is still in 2nd or 3rd gear.

I just picked up my car from a transmission shop and they said they took the transmission pan out and It was nasty and they ran a magnet through it and it made a little “afro” (is what they call it) and they also said it will have to be rebuilt for $800-$850 and that will take me at least 2 months to get since I am a dishwasher. the car has 123k miles on it and the transmission type is a 700-R4 .thanks in advance...if someone answers...

posted by  whiteboy23

Sounds like a plan. :screwy:

posted by  srober32

bust out the wrenches and shop manual, it's the lockup solenoid. for a temp fix and testing the theory, unplug the 4 wire connector on the tranny (there's only one). it should drive normal besides not locking up at speed. buy a new lockup solenoid. drop the pan and change the solenoid. say "yay, my car is fixed". say "wow, you're really cool, dodger--can i have a mini statue of you for my dashboard?" :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  dodger65

yeah the guy at the shop said he unplugged them but it would only be temporary until he rebuilds it....but the solenoid hasnt been replaced i dont think....i just came back from outside and i tried to start it and it sounded like it was started and about to idle but out of nowhere it started to make this loud ass buzzing,clicking,clankin, and any other annoyin noise u can think of...but it sounded like it came from the bottom of the car...then i popped the hood and on the ground was a screwdriver.i dont know if that helps but maybe it got caught in the too scared to start it again...

posted by  whiteboy23

Time for a new car ;)

posted by  Juhosaphat

Dude, if a screwdriver friggen fell out of your car, I'd be more scared to take it back to the repair shop you just had it serviced at!!!! :doh:

posted by  97Talonchik

lol that was it was a screwdriver that was supposed to be in my glovebox to adjust the gain on my amplifier.i have no clue how it got under the car because i havent drove it for 2 days and i actually forgot i had that screwdriver in the car.i havent evened opened the car for 2 days or gone around no answers for my problems?

posted by  whiteboy23

i gave you an answer-- change the lockup solenoid and you probably don't need a rebuild.

posted by  dodger65

o nah i was talkin bout the other much are they to replace, and could i be able to do it myself?

posted by  whiteboy23

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