1991 Nissan Sentra GXE door dilemma

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Hi and prethanks to any who hold the key to ending my troubles.

Problem: Passenger door doesn't open. The lock mechanism arm is off and the arm from the outside handle to the opening mechanism is missing too.

Attempts to repair: I have accessed the mechanism inside, made sure the lock was in the unlocked position, made sure the correct arm was attached and pulled, yet I get nothing.

The door acts as if it is locked, I have moved the lock-arm into every position possible and tried to open the door.

I have looked for a release mechanism that can be accessed from the interior of the car and I am out of ideas.

The door is closed, I can not get to the screws to remove the interior cover.

How do I trigger the unlatch?

Is this fixible?

posted by  Chimney Imp

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