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I have a friend that owns a 2001 Infinity QX4. She was having some problems with very rough running at hiqhway speeds and RPM. The dealer told her she needs new ignition coils (all 6).

How hard are the coils to replace? Are they just simple bolt-on parts and what are the chances all 6 are bad? I can save her almost $500 if I help her with it.

Thanks in advance

posted by  torrange

Befor replaceing them try a new PVC valve and there should only be 3 coils on it. i may be wrong but there should be only 3 one coil should run 2 plugs. i would try plug wires, plugs and a pvc valve befor i would replace coils

posted by  wildman2008

Isn't it still covered by warranty? :2cents:

posted by  srober32

The motor in this vehicle has Direct Ignition System which has no distributor or sparkplug wires. So it runs rough at highway speeds? I didn't quite understand the RPM. The new ignition coils for this vehicle is very expensive especially per coil. If the car is running fine at idle. I don't think the coils are bad because the coils are working providing the sparkplug to fire everytime unless it misfires which will be rough idle and eventually stall the engine. I think its the ignitor or the coil pack, I could be wrong it's better to have the car dyno. If you are curious about replacing the coils. Disconnect the battery, Remove the cover which should be the midsection(Top) of your valve cover. Before you do this make sure you have to remove or disconnect whatever is on top of the cover or obstructing you to prevent or causing difficulties for you to remove coils. I think you need allen wrenches to remove the cover and take your time loosing the allen screws. Remove covers since its a V-6 engine, remove both on each side of the motor.. You will see coils(small black square on top of each sparkplugs. Three of them per side so 6 coils total. I think one coil has four bolts attachingto the cover or the block. The coil ignition wires might be in the way for you to remove bolts on the coil you can disconnect the wires and set them aside. Make sure you dont get the wires and coils connected differently, the wires should be equal length per coil in the way to hook up everything correctly. Tricky part when removing bolts from coil be sure to use magnetic screwdriver tips so that once you remove the bolts it wont fall into the openings of the cover if this happens be sure to have a extended catcher or a magnetic picker to pick up the bolt. Remove all bolts, carefully remove coils( it look like a park of a sparkplug booth. Thats it! Good Luck!

posted by  skylineRS

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