'92 Prelude will not start in hot weather

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[FONT=Arial]In hot weather, this car will turn over fine but will not fire. The car is getting fuel. So, the fuel pump seems to working. The strange thing is that the check enigne light will appear but if I leave the igntion switch in the ON position the check enigne light eventually disappears. If I wait long enough with the igntion switch in the ON position, the car eventually starts - sometimes it takes a while. I discovered I was not getting any spark and thought the igntion coil was overheating. (The distributor was replaced about 2 years ago). Wrong answer. I read a similar thread about this with the solution being possibly the Main Relay. Any suggestions?

posted by  69Mustang428

Honda main relays have been known to go bad and cause these symptoms. It can also be the coil or ignitor but you already replaced the dist so i would try the main relay they are about 50 buck at the dealer

posted by  npetric

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