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okay well, i recently got a car stereo installed (1000w amp, 2 750w subs) at bestbuy. I get home and start driving around and notice my RPM are flying up and down. My car is now stalling when my foot is no longer on the gas, and the RPM are not staying at a constant.

My car is '90 and my father thinks it is either a dead short somewhere from the AHEM people who installed it, or perhaps we fried something on the computer module when we wired the subs. he also thought that the stereo system might be draining too much power from battery but we unhooked where the fuse connects and were still having the same problem.

My friend gave the idea the battery is bad, and is why we might be having this problems?

i also noticed some oil leaking on the driveway... more than usual for a 5-10 minute period... could oil pressure also be a solution?

Anyone have any solutions and/or ways to fix it? thx

posted by  boris_37


posted by  boris_37

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