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yes im thinking about adding some shocks and springs on my 96 mustang gt but not sure what is a good set to go with ok i bought a pair of kyb ags shocks didnt really like them much so i sent them back and got some monroe sensatrac not so happy with them either but i wanted to add some springs but the springs i wanted was eibach pro kit but i called eibach and they said not to use them with monroe so i was going to go with fms but then some one told me that they liked kyb shocks with them so im like confused i mean i have a huge fender gap like 4 inchs i want to lower it some cuz i hate that gap but they say the lower u go the worse of a ride and hard ride ur going to get so i was thinking maybe fms springs b rated with some koni springs but then with the fms i dont think that 1 1/8 inch is going to be low enough to satify me so can some one help me with what they think would work or give me there opinion

posted by  Lsubadboy

well i know sensatracs are..... ...well sensative and if they arent used on the proper application or the ride height has been changed due to....saggy springs or someone put cargo coils in so they can carry a heavy load the sensatracs will not work properly....look up the monroe website they explain the sensatracs and how your car has to sit perfectly for the shock to ride in the comfort zone, and yeah the lower you go the harder the ride but it will corner like a mad animal ;) i dunno bout your gt but i put cargo coils in my 81 caprice the back was sagged like every other old beast out there, monroe reflex shocks are amazing in my opinion, but i like the back end of my grandpa car to sit high it rides like a dream but i cant corner like the lowered vw corrado's, it's a hard thing to decide between performance handling and a smooth ride so which do you prefer?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

get the nascar racing kind like i have they work real good

posted by  AutoPro

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