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I've got a 2002 Honda Odyssey I just bought. It has 46000 miles on it and the dealership did an alignment on it before I purchased it. However, when the steering wheel is in the neutral position (i.e., the name "Honda" across the front of the steering wheel is parallel to the ground) it does not go straight, but it goes left. The dealership says the alignment was done correctly. What could be causing this?

posted by  mafew2000

the alignment might be perfect so the dealership is right, but they did not set the wheel straight, or the tech did the toe adjustment without locking the steering wheel straight, i would go back and ask them nicely to make it straight it is fairly simple if you know what your doing.edit.... so no the alignment was not perfect... a good alignment includes making the wheel

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

:clap: Thanks for the quick response. :thumbs: That makes a lot of sense. I'll ask them to do that.

posted by  mafew2000

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