93 satrun sl flooding out when warm

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We bought a 93 saturn sl back in feb. and its been in the shop since !
The car runs fine when the engine is cold, but when it gets into normal op temp, it floods itelf out. The mechanics are baffled as to why the car wants to run rich all the time, everything checks out- timing, valve, fuel injectors, etc. They even checked out the catylitic converter, which my wife says someone from work told her to take the converter off and that will fix the problem, because they were having the same identical problem.

Can y'all help, or do I need to sell it to someone in the Artic. ?


posted by  gmtruckr

Try your thermostat.

posted by  FordFromHell351

tell ur mechanics to check for an exhaust leak b4 the oxygen sensor.

posted by  thongsai

any check engine light? the only part i have one extra of here is saturn egr valves because the crap out very often, it is absolutely amazing how many saturns ive seen with the egr codes, ask your techs if they found any codes on the computer. :thumbs:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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