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I need help to replace the alternator on my 1988 Audi 80 Quattro. This is my first Audi, and was given to me by a friend. I like to do my own work and the nearest authorized service center is 50-60 miles away. It should be a simple matter, but this IS an Audi! There is a facia? underneath the nose going all the way to the front wheels blocking me. This seems to be the only readily apparent impediment to getting on with it. Can anyone offer tips or pointers to make this go smoothly?

posted by  zdocglock

Never mind. It was too easy. Everything removed so simply, a child could have done it. And I was thinking just because it was an Audi it would be difficult! And the alternator only had 3 wires! The pully was easy too, I only needed an adjustable wrench and an Allen wrench! I LOVE my Audi! Too easy! Thanks for all the help.

posted by  zdocglock

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