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1990 Toyota Celica GTS --- We are changing out the front passenger side wheel bearing and found that the old outside bearing casing is fronzen to the hub. Any ideas to how to free it up to put the new bearing in?

posted by  mrsfitz

uhmmmm i dunno bout frozen.... you probably are talking about the bearning race and you need a bearing punch and hammer it out gently or you need a press and the right size driver

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

outter races are usually press fit into the hub and this is normal which would lead you to believe its frozen, take a punch and dirve it out, then when installing the new one you can use the old race as a driver to drive the new race into the hub, use the back side of the race against the new race so that you will have a land showing incase the old race gets stuck you will have something to hit and remove the old one you use for driving the new one in. make sure the new one goes in flush (all the way in) you'll know when its flush because you will get a solid thug or your hammer will bounce back

posted by  ppauley

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