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hey i have a major problem.i bought a car to do my dukes of hazard stuff in.i used it mudding and got it stuck.when we pulled it out i actually drove it back.but now it wont start even with new battery.nothing comes on just like the battery is dead.plz help.also my dad thinks its the starter which it couldnt be because something would come on if it were the starter.and if u need the engine info its a four cylinder automatic.thanks

posted by  kid2kool

do the headlights work or any other acc/stereo if not clean the battery terminals your not getting power to the car

posted by  osborste

ok ill try that thanks.

posted by  kid2kool

hey i did what u said and the headlights and warning flashers and horn work.any advice now?

posted by  kid2kool

oh also i know im no mechanic but i was wondering about fuses.i was wondering if they all were bad and needed replacement.just a proposal.

posted by  kid2kool

check the main wire going into the starter and the engine ground.

posted by  carls47807

ok ill try that thx

posted by  kid2kool

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