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I recently got a flat on my 195/60r15 tire, all 4 of my tires are that size..
and currently driving on my temp, I have some tires in the garage size 205/60r15, i cant tell if they are the same size as my 195s whats the difference? they look about the same size but i want to know from professionals first
they are supposably both 15"

posted by  D-Link

the size of the tyer is 195 the width the 60 is the depth (60% of the width) and the 15 is the size wheel it will go on so the 205 will be wider and the depth will be deeper as 60% of 205 will be more

posted by  BASHER

Could be an interesting riding experience. LOL

Like wearing two different size shoes.

posted by  diggisaur

if you change them both and put them on the back they should be fine. (assuming it's not 4 or all wheel drive)

posted by  carls47807

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