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Planning on replacing the timing chain (guides etc.) on a 90 stanza with a KA24E engine. The Chilton book is helpful but is vague on some steps. I'm formulating my plan of attack and have a few questions as follows:
(1) Chilton says to remove the oil separator. What is the oil separator?
(2) Chilton says to install new rubber plugs in the cylinder head. What are these called and what are they for?
(3) Is it best/necessary to also replace the cam and crank gears, or only if damaged?
(4) Why does Chilton say to lower the engine some. And how does a Diy'er do this without an engine hoist?
(5) When removing/installing the oil pump does the alignment of the shaft matter like on a distributor?

Any tips, cautions, advice, or references is greatly needed. Thanks!

posted by  Macc

there is a post about changing cam and crank gears on this forum, i got in a fight with 88grandprix about it. you should always change them. you are in there and they are cheap. buy the whole timing set and do it right.

there is no "timing" for teh distributor just make sure you get it in the slot well.

(p.s. i have a motor with 80k miles if you are interested)

good luck man!

posted by  carls47807

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