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looking for a little help truck ran last night won,t start now seems like getting no fuel heres what i need first i like to know where the fuel pump is in this truck can , find it. second in looking over the truck i found this air line on the left of the engine coming from a circle with two other lines coming out of it one line going to a square box mounted on the left side of firewall was broke offi wondering if this is a air line for pressure to the fuel if this could be my problem any help thank tony

posted by  mackman22

just trying to remember my old 89, was the 5.0L though the air line should be fixed for sure it might be your MAP sensor, if your map doesn't get a vacuum signal then it throws everything outa whack, start there, your fuel pump is in the tank you should hear a minor whine when you to the key to the on position

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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