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Hello guys!

I am very fresh in this forum, and I would like to tell you that I live in Brazil.
I am restoring and old Chevy Belair 55, but the car come to me without engine and transmission.

Well, I still dont know what engine to choose (a L6 or a V8), but I am sure that I want a 2-Speed Powerglide trans.

Here, in Brazil, we have relative facility to get the Chevy L6 250S (very close to the Chevy Blue Flame 6) as well the Dodge V8 318 engines. For practical reasons, would be preferible to pick the Chevy 250S once it can be attached directly to the Powerglide without any modifications, but I am afraid that this engine be weak for the Belair (about 170 HP), although the Belair came in two versions, 6 and 8 cil. So, maybe the 250 a little poisoned maybe could bring me some extra HPs. Anyway, I am opened to hear all opinions!

Well, that's my doubts...

1) If I decide to use a V8 engine (be a Ford 272, a Dodge 318, etc), as they vary in brand, there is the problem of the adaptation. Someone told me that any engine can be adapted to any trans if I make a flange to attach one to each other. That's ok. But... what about that shaft with gear teeth that rises from within trans (sorry, I don't know the name of that!)? I suppose that, depending on the engine brand and model, the "female" gear will have a different number of teeth (as well its size), so the attachment couldn't be done just putting the trans in the engine and period. I would like to know what modifications are needed to do this kind of adaptation...

2) In the case of Powerglide, I would like to know yet, if there is different models for shifter on the ground or in the steering, or if the trans itself is the same, don't matter where the shifter is.

Thanks a lot!

posted by  belair56

I don't know what type of diving you intend to do but a 250/Powerglide combo should get you around town quite nicely. Yes, you can purchase adapters that will allow you to bolt almost any engine to a Powerglide but I think it might be cost prohibitive. Obviously I don't know everything that's available to you there but instead of spending your budget on the adapter and shipping, why not find a used small block Chevy locally and use that? I'm quite sure that somewhere in Brazil, certainly the bigger cities, an SBC would be obtainable.

As for your question about the shifter, you can use a floor mount or a column mount, the trans is the same.

posted by  vwhobo

Well, as I use to say, I want the car for sunday mornings strolls with my wife, and not to burn tires!

I think so, but I still thinking that maybe a 350 is much more than I need to a stroll in the park, but I didn't discard this idea. However, maybe I can get a 250S for less money, once they were produced here for about 25 years (they were used to power a car called Opala, based on the european Opel Rekord project). But, I have a doubt about that: someone told me that the external attachment of the 250/Powerglide is like a glove and don't need any flange (plate), but someone else told me that even this way, not guarantee that the crankshaft will fit perfectly in the engine wheel. What could you tell me about that?


Just for finishing, you have a real full-throtle in this beetle, uh? I can see that you love VW, and for curiosity I would like to say you that the beetle in Brazil is called Fusca (pronunciation is like "Foos-kah") and the VW van of your nickname is called Kombi (pronunciation is like "Kon-bee").


posted by  belair56

I agree that for your needs the 350 would be too much engine, or at least more than you need. The 250/Powerglide will be perfect for a "Sunday morning stroll". Just make sure that the bellhousing bolt pattern is the same as the American Chevy engine, as far as I know it should be. It is a direct fit, as long as your Powerglide originally was in a Chevy. The transmission for a Buick, Olds, Pontiac will not fit as it has a different bolt pattern. Essentially everything comes down to that bolt pattern, the rest is easy.

posted by  vwhobo

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