ODB II Plug location for a 99 2.0L Escort

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Went to checker the other day and borrowed they're scanner. I was unable to locate the plug. They let me borrow a chiltons. After some search it said that it would be under to dash behind insterment panel for the 2.0L and on the fireware for the 1.9L. (note: the under the hood electrical componitents diagram shows it on the firewall for the 1.9L and no plug for the 2.0L under the hood).

I checked both places, but couldn't find the plug. I've also look behind the kick pannels on both sides and under the center consol. Any ideas?

1999 Ford Escort SE 2.0L Auto

posted by  Evilnerd

fed. reg. says it has to be within 7 inches or something of the steering column. it's gotta be under there somewheres.

posted by  carls47807

left side of steering column, immediately left of hood release @ bottom of or immediately under dash

http://autocenter.weber.edu/OBD-CH/documents/newdocuments/ford/escort/1999. jpg

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Ok thanks I can't beleave I missed that.

posted by  Evilnerd

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