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Any ideas about how the body shops get rid of large hail stone bruises to cars. my suffered about 100 big ones, it is a new Taurus and I dont want it looking like an old beater . Thanks

posted by  pizztank

only 2 ways really. new panels or lots of bondo. the latter will eventually come back to haunt you. no possible insurance claims?

this happened to my uncle he kept the $2000 check and drove it like it was. Good luck, sorry to hear.

posted by  carls47807

Depending on the size(s) you could use a little plunger like tool you can get from some stores (not sure exact ones) and try to pop them out. Or if you can get behind/underneath where they are and push them back out. Not sure how a shop would do it.

posted by  car_crazy89

the metal is going to be stretched for sure. a good body shop could heat it and cool it to shrink the metal again but it's probably cheaper just to replace the panels.

posted by  carls47807

Low tech aproach, get some dry ice. Make sure you wear gloves, the stuff is so cold that it will burn you. Break off a small piece, place it over the dent, cover it with a damp rag and wait. It will smoke, but at the same time it can shrink the metal enoght so that dent will pop out or be less noticeable.


posted by  bobss396

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