2000 Kia Sephia sputtering/hesitation

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i have a 2000 sephia with 47000 miles.

its fine in town, but when i drive at highway speeds (70 mph and above) for several miles, then leave the interstate, i go to stop at a light or stop sign.

then when i start to take off again, it sputters and hesitates like its about to shut off.

after a few minutes it is back to normal again, as long as i am in town.

anyone have any ideas?



p.s. by the way, i have recently replaced: the fuel filter, and all spark plug wires and plugs.

p.s.s. its still under warranty until 2010 or 100,000 miles, but i'm sure none of this will be covered unfortunately.

posted by  ldrgroup

Yes, its a god damn Korean piece of junk! :laughing:

But aside from that obvious little point I made, run some fuel injector cleaner through it. Also, how old are you plugs, and plug wires?

posted by  FordFromHell351

all those parts are about 1 month old.

as for the injector cleaner, been there, done that.

anyone else? :laughing:

posted by  ldrgroup

Did the problem start before or after you replaced all those things?

posted by  97Talonchik

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