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newbie here.

i just unfortunately drove through a big thinderstorm and one of the roads I was traveling on was a bit flooded (i didn't know at the time until i found myself in a huge puddle of water). next thing i knew it was hard for the engine to move the car, and I gunned the engine to get it out of the water. Well long story short, my car started to emit a rather noxious smell from around the front end. I checked under the hood and the smell seems to be coming from the radiator fan area of the car. I have a '93 celica ST. anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what this could be?


posted by  chuddy

Could you introduce yourself, please, feels wierd me saying please and all :banghead:

posted by  99integra

didn't mean to offend anyone. just looked online for a forum on cars. ya my name is Jeff. Hi guys!

posted by  chuddy

Okay thank you, atleast ya didn't get me super pissed :wink2:

posted by  99integra

Burnt out radiator motor could be causing the smell. Have you ever smelled burning circuits before? Creates a noxious smell, the familiar smell of PCB burning.

Does the car start? Where is the air intake, was the air intake for the engine below water? If so, the engine is flooded and that's not good.

posted by  Jon_K

if water got into the cai, ur engine couldve gone into hydrolock right? i think thats right not sure tho someone let me know.

posted by  Stem

if it has one, does the electric fan work? probably smoked it

posted by  adamc44

Yeah, that's exactly like I was getting at. A noxious smell could likely be burning electronics, aka, an electric motor or something of similar nature. Anyways, that is really sore luck to have your car flooded like that. Perhaps you should be much more careful where you're driving when it's raining.

posted by  Jon_K

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