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90 Nissan Stanza XE (KA24e)

I have the rockers off my car due to cam replacement. I took each rocker off the shaft to examine them. As I was looking over the rockers something raised my curiosity. On some of them when I push in on the lifter it goes in a little and then when I let go it comes back out to its original position. Does anyone know if there is a spring or rubber bushing in there that would cause that. I thought only only oil pressure pushes them out. On others when I try to push in on the lifter it does not move. Could debris be clogging these, or should I not be able to push in on them? I'm trying to figure out which of them is good and which are bad. Thanks in advance for any advice as to which are good and those that are bad!

posted by  Macc

the lifters should be replaced at the sametime when installing a new cam as the lifters are worn/scored to the old cams running surface using old lifter will score the new cams surface as well lifter failure may occur then you would have to tear into the engine again to replace. generally lifters are 10-15$ each or come with a cam/lifter package
as for your question hydrailic lifter will bleed off as they sit when the engine is running the oil will refill or reprime the lifter if working normally if the passage is blocked then you will get a ticking/tapping sound from the valve train/rockers
hope this helped

posted by  osborste

They have the lifters in the rocker arms don't they? I seem to recall they do spring return, but maybe you should ask on a Nissan site.

posted by  Wally

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