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Does anyone else have this problem? When car is in idle, the entire car shakes (not to mention it is extremely loud). Diagnostic tests have shown nothing is wrong. I can't imagine this is normal for a 3 year old car. It seems to be getting worse as well. Is there anything I could check that a diagnostic test does not look for?

posted by  tnabna

I think they are just poorly put together, I rode in a couple that had the shakes and they were all newer

posted by  99integra

That is what I get for going cheap! Thanks!

posted by  tnabna

Ive never experienced that with those cars. :doh:

Have your plugs and plug wires changed.

posted by  FordFromHell351

yes. have a compression/leakdown test done. those 1.9 and 2.0 ford 4 cyl's have had lots of problems w/ the powdered steel valve seats cracking and falling into the cylinder. that has the potential to make it idle crappy and not set a code. if this is the problem and you catch it early (before the seat drops into the cylinder and kills the piston and valve) you can have stainless seats put in and save the motor...

posted by  dodger65

I have the same problem with my 2002 Ford ZX2 with the rough idle. Except mine has been like that since day one when there were only 8 miles on the car. Do you have an automatic transmission? If so, do you have problems when your car is driving in reverse?

posted by  SunBurst

I don't think he's gonna answer you bud.

posted by  hondaman

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