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Recently my rear view mirror (internal) has decided to become un-glued from the windshield and hang by its lamp wires. While attempting to fix this problem, I go out to the nearest auto parts store and get the special adhesive to put it back on. However, the mirror itself and the bracket weighs too much, I cannot hold it in place long enough for the adhesive to set( I did all the cleaning procedures...etc.). So, my question to you folks is, how do I remove the mirror from the bracket, taking away most of the weight?
I was told there was a set screw, but I could not find one, I have fully looked over the mirror and there is no place to un-do the bracket(that I can see). FYI, I have a 97' GMC Sonoma, if you need any more details just ask. Pictures would be well appreciated, to help me fully understand how to do this.


posted by  Domdom120

You cant undo the bracket... You need to take the metal piece out on the back of the bracket...

posted by  EvilPodAE

How would I go about removing the metal piece? That sucker looks pretty set in place.

posted by  Domdom120

normally the mirror has a little allen key screw that holds it to the metal base plate undo the screw and the plate comes off

posted by  osborste

Thanks for the replies, the metal peice just kinda slid out(with a little force), it's all set to go. :thumbs:

posted by  Domdom120

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