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As most of you know the car didn't start for me this morning. Anyways I was wondering could the spark plugs have played a role? I'm guessing around 25,000KM on them. The last oil change was done in about October and 10W-30 was put in. Its probably been around 6000KM now and 5W-30 has been put in lately. Could this have anything to do with it not starting?

1994 Toyota Corolla (automatic)

posted by  triggerman

I thought we covered at least some of this in a different thread. In that post you had been using 5W-30 exclusively since your last oil change in November. I still don't think oil is the problem.

Could sparkplugs have played a role in the no start? Well according to the other thread, your problem was extremly slow cranking. The sparkplugs will not cause that. That is unless your problem has changed. It's extemely difficult to diagnose something online, especially when that something seems to keep changing.

posted by  vwhobo

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