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I have a Ford Escort 1.4i 1993
It will not start, not even turning over, not even a click. Also no lights wipers or anything at all.

Battery was fine before and is onky about 6 months old. No signs of battery failue. Terminals are all tight and secure.

Could it be an alternator problem - would a car not start if the alternator was dead?

Heeeeellllppp! (please) :screwy:

posted by  tony

A "dead" alternator in and of itself will not keep a car from starting. However if the alternator is not charging and allows the battery to go dead, or the voltage regulator has a bad diode and drains the battery, the car won't start. Don't for a second think that just because a battery is only 6 months old, it can't be bad.

Being unfamiliar with your Euro spec car I can only speak in generalities. Based on your description, it is certain that you have a discrepency in your power supply system. If nothing at all works, that will narrow it to the battery, cables or fusible link (if it has one). That's about as good as it gets from across the pond.

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks my good man, you surely are a true gentleman. I have put my battery on charge and will see if it works tomorrow.


posted by  tony

Good luck, let me know how it turns out.

posted by  vwhobo

Hi my good fellow
Battery charged now, was completely flat. Seems my young "rugrats" had left the interior (or as you would say - dome light) on
Will now run the car this week and hope that it stays charged and the alternator is ok

Thanks for your help

Tallyho! from the county of Kent S.E England

Tony :thumbs:

posted by  tony

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