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Hey. Just joined the site and I had a question. I have a '79 T/A with I belive a 4bbl Rochester Q-jet. A while back, I got in an accident with it and since then, it's been real rich. I'm getting black all over my garage floor. Does anyone know how to adjust the air fuel mixture on a Q-jet?

posted by  TransAmDriver57

If you had an accident, then suddenly the car started running rich, I highly doubt it has anything to do with the idle mixture adjustment. An accident won't cause the mixture screws to magically turn. More likely you have a damaged float, the secondary metering pins came out of place, damaged choke, etc. You might even have damage to an ignition component causing a loss of combustion efficiency. In other words it might be better for you to do some investigation rather than jumping to conclusions.

posted by  vwhobo

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