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hey guys and girls
i have a 1994 pontica sunbird and it's leaking power steering fluid, like carzy have to fill it up 2 times a day. i was lookin at the power steering pump and there is 2 lines coming from it. and one of them is leakin, can tell by all the mess around it. one is the pressure line and the return line, not sure i found that out by look around on the net. i'm not sure witch is witch jus askin if anyone can help me out. so i know what part to buy. and try to replace it. it smells like burnin oil if i'm on the road for a long time

posted by  cafu

This happend to me with my 1992 Jeep Charokee Sport i replaced the whole modual

posted by  Car Guy

Honestly, if you don't know the difference between the pressure and return lines you'll be better off having a qualified tech do the job for you. Keep in mind after the line is replaced the system has to be properly bled. If not done correctly you can damage the power steering pump and/or the steering rack. In my mind a potentially expensive way to save some money.

posted by  vwhobo

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