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I drive a 96 toyota corolla and recently took part in a freak oil filling mistake...... partly due to my ignorance and lack of experience but also because the previous owners led me to believe the car leaked a substantial amount of oil (which i now know to be false). Anyways, at 3 months I checked the dipstick and got no reading. I put a quart, ran the engine for awhile, and still got no reading. I put 3 more quarts in thinking better safe than sorry. I called my father, the previous owner, and told him I'd put 4 quarts in and he instructed me to get an oil change immediately, which I did. The guys at Jiffy Lube gasped and told me my oil was 3 quarts overfull and that I would have "blown my valves" within an hour. I had only gone about 14 miles with the new oil in my car under 50 mph. The car does feel a bit sluggish now. I've read that excess oil will splash into the catalytic converter at the level of ovefull. Do you think it's probable that I blew or partially blew some of my valves or did the excess oil cause other problems which is making my engine sluggish?


posted by  mslater

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