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97 Cavalier - Horn is in-op, can't find location of horn. Any ideas?

posted by  goded

Uh, yep.

posted by  vwhobo


Have you checked your fusebox for any blown fuses?
Was it sporadic before or did it just quit? The location of the horns should be under the hood and forward, possibly near the headlights or battery.
Check fuses first and then let me know if you can find the horns, it's possible they were removed if they were not working or someone had aftermarket horns installed and they removed them when they sold the car. (I've seen this a few times)

posted by  medicTA

[FONT=Arial]Yes checked fuses first, all ok. The horn "just quit". Have looked fwd of engine and aft of the front bumper to no avail, would like to find horn unit to see if I have voltage to it. Guess I will have to put it up on ramps and explore with a flashlight and mirror. Appreciate your suggestions.

posted by  goded

Probably the horn relay...I think that car has dual horns..most cars do.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Thanks - I will check that after I verify power to the horn itself.

posted by  goded

You'll check the relay AFTER you verify power to the horn. Are you sure the horn will have power if the horn relay is not working? Are you even sure you have a horn relay on that car?

Tip: Cavaliers of that vintage have an ongoing problem with the horn contacts in the steering wheel. In my experience, and while I don't like to depend on diagnosis by pattern failure, every Cavalier and Sunfire with that body style I've seen with an inop horn has had contact problems. Unless of course it stopped working due to collision damage.

posted by  vwhobo

Hello All,

I have a problem with my 2002 Mitsubishi lancer es (American) 16 volve.

I have checked the feuse from the horn and it was damaged, when i replace it the horn will not stop , i removed the fuse and it stoped but again when i put the fuse back the horn went off and got stock.

I was trying to get to the hornpad, but couldn't find a way to remove the steeringwheel to het there without damageing the airbag.

Please advice.

posted by  Ronald

do you have a repair manual/book? If not, get one or find someone who does FOR THAT YEAR. If the book doesnt help *shrug* hit it with a pipe wrench or somthin :hi:

posted by  davsmitty

hi there,

thanks for the great help, i think you will get 0 vote for a presidential election

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posted by  Ronald

i wouldnt worry about fixing the horn, just get a sticker that says.....http://i9.ebayimg.com/02/i/02/8e/8b/b4_1.JPG:thumbs:

posted by  adamc44

has your car been broken into recently? I know when someone broke into my sisters car...they actually took the horn too (I think so that it wouldn't go off or something)...no joke...they stole the horn

posted by  Golddragoner

if it was taken away .. you should ask from people who had used your car ...

posted by  doctor

The ULTIMATE insult.

posted by  Mathew

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