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If anyone can offer some help it would be greatly appreciated. My 1996 concorde has developed a strange electrical problem. When I start the car I may have to turn it off and restart 5 or 6 times in order to get the ac blower to work,power windows and head lights. Some electrical has not been effected CD player works, turn signals. I also failed to mention the airbag light comes on, but when the blower and windows work airbag light goes off.
Does it sound like a computer problem or a relay problem? Hey I'm stumped I'm open to any help you may have. Thanks

posted by  kingj

Does the engine start first time though? If not, could be an immobiliser problem.

posted by  windsonian

maybe try moving turning the key back and forth slightly. my car did something similar when the ignition stuck between "start" and "run"

posted by  dodger65

could be a bad ignition switch as it will normally have 1 or 2 supply wires and multiple feed wires starter-heater/ac-acc(stereo headlights)
looking up in the autostart manual your car has one power in and 3 feeds to various ignition sources and 2 for heater/ac and accessories
so what i'm getting at is that half of the ignition switch maybe worn and by you working it back and fourth(start/stop/start) your forcing a contact inside the switch

posted by  osborste

any luck/change?

posted by  osborste

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