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I have a grey wire running under my passenger side carpet. It seems to power my sunroof. It has come unplugged and I CAN NOT find where to plug it back into in order to operate my sunroof.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

posted by  rharri

wait...if you can find it and where it plugs in to, why not just connect it and be on your way?

:doh: :banghead:

posted by  SuperJew

i think dude forgot the t in cant

posted by  mazda6man

ok, heres the most logical question, do you have power to your sunroof? does it work? if it doesnt then try and plug it in and see if it works then :banghead:

posted by  vanyaviper

I think thats his problem he CAN'T find where it plugs into. I would find a manual of the electrial system if that is possable.

posted by  Car Guy

Guys, it says he CAN NOT find it... its no typo...

posted by  icepro33

check the dates this is from feb/ 2004

posted by  osborste

check your fuse, and also the wire may have disconnected from the switch itself.. you never know but if anything i'd go buy an automotive repair manual for your car and year. it will have the electrical wiring diagram for anything in your car.

posted by  C c C

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