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Hi guys. I'm new to cars. Can you give me a list of things I should do to keep my car in tip top shape, running smoothly, etc. Like changing the oil, etc. I don't know anything. I am mostly interested in computers, and I know plenty about computer maintenance, but not about cars. I have a 1995? Buick Lesabre.

Just some things I found out today:

Change the Radiator cap once every 2 years.
Change the "Timing Belts" every four years.
Use the lowest octane level fuel allowed for your car.
Use the right oil for your car, thicker is not always better.

I found out this today from "MotorWeek".

posted by  ilusha2

8O why would u want to use the lowest octane for your car? Higher octane helps out everything cleans out your system, could increase Horse power and u get better gas milage!

posted by  Talon_queen91

thats what i thought.... thats why higher octane gas is more $$$, im sure they dont do that for the heck of it

posted by  mazda6man

higher octane will actually lower horsepower on a stock car, I know its hard to beleive but its true, the reason is , it takes more spark to ignite the higher octane gas, the reason high octane gas is around, is for the higher compression cars (ex Corvette, mustang, also anything being stressed) a higher octane will reduce detonation from a engine, I wouldnt reccomend using high octane gas, unless you experience detonation under WOT..

posted by  RichG

Here's a novel idea. Read the owner's manual. It was written by the folks that know your vehicle the best, the ones that designed and built it. Use what they recommend.

posted by  mantruck

Take the advice of RichG and mantruck, they're on the right track. The other two respondees are, what's the word, oh yeah clueless.

posted by  vwhobo

I'm sure you've probably heard how "oh yeah, higher octance cleans out your system and it will make your car go faster" but it doesn't really make your car go any faster. I mean, running it maybe every 3rd tank or so isn't a bad idea, but not every tank. I usually run it every 4th tank, and it works allright for me.

posted by  krownvikballa2003

Please explain the advantage to using a higher octane gasoline every third or forth tank. Who is it a good idea for? Or do you just like to spend extra money for no apparent reason? Please comment.

posted by  vwhobo

I think "krownvikballa2003" must believe that high octane fuel cleans out his car's system and so is due to be used every 3rd or 4th tank. I'm going to save you some money "Krownvikballa2003" just so long that you take my advice; never use high octane fuel for a car that doesn't require it but use special formulas on your car once every year to clean and decoke your car for less wear and optimum performance. These products range from foam that you spray into the air intake system, to small bottles of liquid that you pour both into your fuel and oil tank. If you do pour a formula into your fuel tank, you shouldn't get the oil changed for at least another 5k miles. These kinds of products are especially useful on older cars and you may notice a real difference in performance the first time you use whichever brand you decide on.

posted by  snoopewite


You are correct in everything you say (except the 5K remark), however you missed my point. The thing here is to get people to backup what they say. As you know if you've read many of my posts, I am a firm believer that too many people are all about blowing smoke up other peoples asses (or arses in the UK).

Everybody can learn something, and nobody knows everything. Including myself with over 30 years experience and enough certifications to wallpaper a small house. But the best way to break the cycle of ignorance is to have people explain their reasoning and go from there. Now he knows the answer, but probably hasn't learned.

posted by  vwhobo

Maybe I should re-phrase my 5k remark... If you're going to use two formulas in conjunction with each other - one bottle in the fuel tank and one bottle in the oil tank, then you'd better do it when your car has more than 5k miles to go before an oil change. That's what the instructions said on the formula I used anyway; getting at the point that the formula will be drained out with your oil and wasted if you don't give it at least 5k miles first to pass through (obviously they said 5k miles to be on the safe side and not the bare minimum). With you working with cars all the time (well that's the picture I get), VWhobo maybe you know something that I don't e.g. 100 miles would be fine?
I do get your point though VWhobo loud and clear arrow If you can't send a post without "blowing smoke up peoples asses", wait until you've got something worth reading before clicking on the "Submit" bar !

posted by  snoopewite

! Here's something that a United States born American will tell a foreigner in a heartbeat I don't care if you think I'm blowing smoke up people's asses, that's not for you to decide, but I will say that why does the dealer - for Christ's sake - tell you that using high octane once and a while doesn't hurt a damned thing if it did? My '91 Crown Vic does just fine running 93 octance about every 4th tank, which the dealer has already told me does keep my engine cleaner, so why do you think I'm blowing smoke up people's asses?! I'd really like to know because you've pissed off the wrong American! Just because you don't approve of using 93 octane doesn't mean the whole world has to agree. Get my point? Good-bye, you are the weakest link! !

posted by  krownvikballa2003

No, the reason I don't agree is because you are wrong. You still haven't told me why you think it works. Do you have any idea what the difference is between "high octane" and "low octane" gas. Probably not except to say that it has a different number on the pump. I asked you to explain yourself, but as of yet all you've done is blow more smoke. Normally people who either know they're wrong, or are to stupid to know they're wrong get mighty defensive and resort to name calling. Read your post and see if you fit the profile.

As for your assertion (do you know what that means?) that I am a foreigner once again you are as wrong as can be. I think being born and raised in Chicago and being in the USAF for 23 years more than qualifies me as an American. My suggestion is until you know what you're talking about, sit down shut up and listen.

posted by  vwhobo

Obviously you get your information the same place as well.... Suffice it to say you are as wrong with your information as you can possibly be. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Again I ask that you explain why you think this and please share that information with me and everyone else.

Your only correct piece of information is that running higher octane gasoline won't make the car any faster assuming you mean for most cars. Only run the octane you need, any more is simply a waste of money and can even hurt performance.

posted by  vwhobo

i would run high test gas just to clean it out but dont always run it because it will burn holes in the pistons. The higher test gas the hotter the engine will run thats how it cleans it out. High test is good for the engine like once every 2-3 months depends on how often you have to fill up. and no high test doesnt make your car run faster my grammer sux

posted by  starfish

Arent you supposed to run higher octane fuel in cars with higher compression to prevent pre-combustion and knocking :?:

And vwhobo is right, more people need to explain their ideas and opinions better, it shows when u bs about something you dont know much about.

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

1. Yes

2. Thank you

posted by  vwhobo

VWHOBO is right on the money in here. As for "CROWNVICTORIABALLER" (PS..I speak English and not EBONICS or want-to-be EBONICS) you must be uneducated and unintelligent due to the fact that:

A) Your forum name is what it is and you are who you are
B) You make assumptions based off of absolutely NOTHING conclusive, and we all know, well with the exception of “CROWNVICTORIABALLER,” that assumptions are two things; the mother of all fuck-ups and they make an ass out of you and….sometimes me! In this case ONLY you bud!

Why don’t you read the damn owners manual because, like others in here have indicated, overkill is just that…TOO MUCH! The manual is written by the motor corp. that built your car and that is what you should really go by, especially being an "idiot but think I am a know-it-all" person. The dealer may have told you what they said because you spoke to some service writer that, like you, doesn’t know shit from applebutter when it comes to cars or anything else. I have worked for dealers like that, trust me they are out there.

My suggestion to anyone who wants to post something in here is to make sure that you have a VERY good idea about what you are talking about and state all the facts rather than to pull things from your ass like you do “CROWNVICTORIABALLER!” If you have a problem, specifications are of the utmost importance in here when detailing the issue that you have. Why don't you read my two posts regarding "Torque Converter failing to lock-up" and "1994 Ford Taurus SHO CHECK ENGINE light" to see how to detail a problem. Trust me, to those of us in here that know what we are talking about when asking questions and advising others, YOU come off as stupid and untrained. Oh, and PLEEEEASE make sure that at least 98% of your grammar is correct I mean my God, come on. There are too many idiots in here, can we please filter out all of you STUPIDS! Go jump off a cliff or mouth and insert barrel, something like that!

posted by  cmeseadoin

Hey everyone, just to prove my point that Mr. or Mrs. CROWNVIC knows nothing about cars......take a look at the posts that he/she replies to. All the ones regarding a "system" or a "phat daddy Caddylac." Read my signature Crowny boy.

posted by  cmeseadoin


posted by  vwhobo

Hey, let's get together and go see a double feature of "The Fast and the Stupid" and "2 Fast 2 Stupid". Then we can know all about cars too. 8)

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah daddy, I wuz think'n dat I really am a car xpert now dawg cuz I seen dat phat movie too, ya'll know? I'm a balla' yo and boy I kno dem caaaaz.

Phat daddy outta da houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz

I better stop before I have to have hernia surgery from the laughter.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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