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at Jegs ( =361)
also found similar ones at Summit for a slightly higher price
single in, dual out (

dual in, dual out (

i'm not sure why i first thought of dual in, dual out cats, i think i got confused somewhere, how feasible would this be? wouldn't that mess with the o2 sensor?

with the single in, i could keep the factory pipe in there for the first section, not worry about the o2 sensor, and then after that have duals
startin to sound more appetizin...

thoughts? (oh yeah, '93 F150, 2WD, 4.9L I6)
and if anyone has a better cat to suggest, i'm all ears

EDIT: realized that i'm a 'tard and the one from Summit was a Dual in, single out, so that gets ruled out

posted by  asa67_stang

someone mentioned something, and i went and checked
seems it's a dual in, single out cat, changes the options a lil

posted by  asa67_stang

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