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Hi !
I have strange problem with heating in my 1992 Ford Escort.
When I drive more than 60 km/h the heating works
perfectly. When I slow down, heating stops and cold
air starts to blow even though the engine is warm.
I checked the coolant level and it seems OK. I have also
noticed that when I stop the car at the traffic lights, coolant
temperature suddenly raise above normal and in order to prevent overheating I must speed up.


posted by  dean35970

try changing your thromostat in is right inside your rad cap. this is how u do it..... Take the rad cap off, get a pair of needle nose plyers with them reach down into the hole in the rad and pull it out....

it might be because u don't have the right cap (I'm not sure how there measured) I would suggest if u don't know what your doing find a friend or take it to your local car shop :D

posted by  Talon_queen91

More revival time. This is an example of a well thought out, detailed answerable question. I only wish I was here over a year ago to help this person out. If more questions were asked like this there would be much less confusion and frustration trying to answer them.

And this is an example of someone answering a question without the required knowledge to do so. It's nice to try to be helpful but it's important to have a grasp of the subject. The only part he got right was the end where he said to maybe take it to a shop. If the originator of the thread tried to fix his car in this manner, he would not only be confused by incorrect directions, but he would also not repair his problem.

My point in this post is this. If you don't know of which you speak, please save it. You'll only hinder the process and possibly help someone damage their car. Thank you for your time.

posted by  vwhobo

My sparkplugs are fouled. I've tried using lysol,febreze, and even odo-ban. Can someone help :?: :P

I love this site !

posted by  lectroid

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