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Hi, I have a 94 camaro v6 that I was installing a remote starter on. I've been trying to make it work for about 2 days now, and everything is hooked up correctly (afaik). The only problem is it works about 1/2 the time I try to start it by remote :doh: . My car has VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System). It has two white wires in an orange sleeve going to the lock cylinder in the steering column that enables it to start when the right key is used. The key simply has a 1130ohm resistor in it. I tried cutting the two white wires and connecting them with a 1130 ohm resistor, which is why it works _some_ of the time I believe, but I would like it to work ALL time time. When it goes to start but doesn't, you can hear a clicking sound from the engine (injectors I assume), but it doesn't turn over or even attempt to. Does this sound like I am doing something wrong bypassing VATS, doing something wrong with the remote starter, or something else?

I appreciate the help if anyone can offer any.

Josh Ellis

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